Sustainability reporting solutions that give you the edge

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Facing increasing pressure from its stakeholders, including from its own funders, a major African based investment group appointed IBIS Consulting to assist with its sustainability performance reporting. The fund manager was also concerned about its carbon impact, both for current and future investments.

IBIS’s team of specialists reviewed the scope of the client’s investments and developed an easy-to-use and practical solution to capture material sustainability information.  Because the work was driven by a team of Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and reporting specialists, focus was placed on the detailed nature of this reporting in a way that makes sustainability indicators accessible and understandable at both a fund and portfolio investment level. The tools developed will ensure that meaningful sustainability information is reported both internally and externally consistently and with full transparency.

The IBIS team also developed a simple carbon calculator tool that measures the carbon impact of its investments on a quarterly basis.  Additionally, the tool assists the business in forecasting emissions of future investments, giving our client a competitive edge and more holistic viewpoint to support decision making.  This has enabled carbon impacts and the climate change much easier for the company to understand, thereby laying a foundation for a culture of sustainability in the organisation, moving forward.

Talk to us to find out how IBIS can provide solutions to your sustainability and carbon emission reporting requirements today.

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