The financial sector is increasingly turning to the IFC’s Performance Standards, the World Bank Group EHS Guidelines and the Equator Principles as they recognise how sustainability issues can materially impact the success of a project and/or a company’s performance and value.

The IBIS team has extensive experience working with financial institutions, development financial institutions, export credit agencies, project sponsors and other financial entities across the African continent, helping them better understand and manage the environmental and social risks and enhance the opportunities associated with establishing projects, making investments and operating assets.

IBIS services include:

  • Environmental & Social Pre-Investment Screening
  • Environmental and Social Due Diligence
  • Environmental & Social Management Systems
  • Equator Principles/IFC Performance Standards Gap Assessments and Compliance Audits
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Investments
  • Internal and External ESG Reporting and Assurance
  • Training and Capacity Building


We understand business risk and the need for timely, cost effective support during transactions. The IBIS team brings a strong technical understanding of financial, commercial, environmental and health and safety issues that will impact on the operational performance of the business and the success of the transaction.

Our leadership team brings a unique depth of experience, having led many of the most complex transactions across Africa. We provide comprehensive due diligence services to support decision-making and ensure your strategic, operational and compliance requirements are fully met.

IBIS services include:

  • Desktop research and facility walkovers;
  • Documentation and contract reviews;
  • Identification of EHS risk and compliance;
  • Review of climate change, supply chain, reputational and community risks;
  • Probability modelling and cost estimation of associated liabilities; and
  • Post transaction integration and change management.


The need to effectively manage sustainability issues at a business or project level is required more and more by investors, consumers, the public and regulators. Working out how best to govern and manage environmental, health and safety and social performance, particularly to align with corporate culture, can often be challenging. The IBIS team has worked at executive, business unit and site level to develop and implement strategies and systems that add value, improve operational performance and meet internationally accepted standards.

IBIS services include:

  • Sustainability Strategy Design, Development, Review and Implementation Support
  • Executive Training, Coaching and Capacity Building
  • Stakeholder Analysis, Engagement and Workshop Facilitation
  • EHS & Social Governance Review, Design and Assurance
  • Management System Development and Implementation to meet internationally accepted standards (IFC PS’s, Equator Principles, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001, UNPRI, etc)


The regulatory environment in Africa is complex and continually evolving. Similarly, enforcement across the continent varies considerably from country to country. Understanding the legal requirements and the potential implications for non-compliance, whether it be fines, project delays or closures, could have material, financial and reputational implications.

The IBIS team has supported the establishment and licensing of projects and the expansion of business operations in over 40 African countries, and routinely helps clients navigate and effectively manage the environmental and social regulatory processes associated with their business operations to ensure compliance.

IBIS services include:

  • Development of EHS & Social Legal Registers and Compliance Management Tools
  • Strategic Country-Entry Assessments and Project Regulatory Road-Maps
  • Integration of EHS & Social Regulatory Requirements with International Good Practice and Corporate Requirements
  • Compliance Assurance and Auditing
  • Supplier and Product Compliance and Evaluations


Climate change is one of the greatest threats to sustainable development. Whilst governments are making progress in developing policy and legislation to minimise the impacts, energy risks have increased, with costs rising beyond inflation and security of supply impacting business. IBIS helps our clients respond to the risks and opportunities posed by energy and climate change.

We combine technical engineering skills with business knowledge and in-depth understanding of the regulatory environment to offer tailored solutions that will drive change in a carbon-constrained economy. From a basic GHG inventory through to in-depth technical assessments and complex strategies, we provide advice on all aspects of the project lifecycle.

IBIS services include:

Carbon Reporting and Data Management

  • Greenhouse gas inventory
  • Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Reporting
  • Carbon data verification

Energy and Carbon Reduction and Strategy

  • Resource (energy, water, water) efficiency strategy and on-site opportunity identification
  • Energy management plans
  • ISO50001 Energy Management Systems support and implementation
  • Marginal Abatement Cost Curves (MACC)

Policy and Adaptation

  • Carbon tax, budget and policy support
  • Climate change risk and adaptation assessment


Growing public interest, investor expectation and a more stringent regulatory environment have led to the need for more advanced sustainability and integrated reports. Integrated reporting demonstrates sustainability performance, discloses the value created across all types of capital employed for an organisation’s existence and drives organisations to disclose their strategies for continued future value.

At IBIS Assurance we bring some of the most experienced sustainability reporting and assurance practitioners in Africa to effectively support organisations with their sustainability programmes and enhance their reputation. Our objective third-party report assurance comply to internationally accepted assurance standards, providing credibility and building stakeholder trust.

IBIS services include:

  • Independent Sustainability Report Assurance (ISAE3000 and AA1000AS)
  • Internal Sustainability Data Assurance
  • Data Management and Reporting Systems
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Stakeholder Panels and Materiality Assessment Support
  • GRI – G4 Readiness Reviews

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