Due Diligence and Transaction Support

    Regulatory Reviews | New Country-Entry Assessments | ESG and Impact Screening | ESG and Impact Due Diligence | ESG and Impact Corrective Action Plans | Preparation and Management of Data Rooms | Pre-Divestiture Exit Strategies and Vendor Due Diligence

    At IBIS, we understand the impact that environmental, labour, health & safety, and community issues can have on a business’s operations and the need for timely and cost-effective support during transactions. This is why we’ve developed a comprehensive approach to due diligence and transaction support that helps our clients navigate these complex issues and make informed decisions that take into account both commercial and non-financial risks and opportunities.

    Our team has extensive experience leading complex transactions in emerging markets, which gives us a unique perspective on the regulatory and operational environment in these regions. This enables us to provide valuable insights and thorough due diligence that aids in decision-making and help our clients satisfy strategic, operational, and compliance objectives.