IBIS has joined 2X Global, underscoring our commitment to integrating gender considerations into sustainable investment practices.

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    Following our inception and an extraordinary early phase of growth, we are now embracing a unique opportunity to embark on the next phase of our business evolution. We are combining forces with SLR, a world-class and highly respected sustainability consulting firm that shares our values and operating principles.

    A woman waters her garden with the help of treadle pump irrigation system in Doba, Chad, Africa.

    IBIS Expands Social Performance Capabilities

    We’re thrilled to welcome Tatyana Vassilevskaya , Pierre Gouws, Tori Braham, and Deenah Kawira who recently joined IBIS and bring a diverse range of social experience, and are based out of France, South Africa and Kenya to effectively serve our clients across the key emerging markets in which we operate.

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    Placing the Spotlight on Gender

    IBIS assisted Criterion Africa Partners (CAP) to assess the gender programmes of the Africa Sustainable Forestry Fund and to identify key lessons and recommendations to support gender transformation and the integration of gender investment considerations within the fund. This article, featured in Forestry SA Magazine, details the methodology used, and well as the key outcomes and actions identified through the gender assessment we undertook.


    The role of Technical Assistance in supporting investors and driving E&S performance

    In a new article for Proparco’s Magazine, IBIS Director for Europe, East and North Africa, Teddy Deroy, explores how - by way of a pedagogical approach - technical assistance can contribute positively to E&S performance and support investors in managing risks - in particular for climate, biodiversity and gender issues.

    IBIS opens new office in Cairo


    IBIS is expanding its North Africa footprint with the opening of an office in Cairo, Egypt. This is the company’s fifth branch in Africa in a bid to strengthen its foothold in two key financial hubs in North Africa – namely Cairo in Egypt and Casablanca in Morocco. With a more active presence in the region and the expertise of seasoned professionals fluent in English, French and Arabic, IBIS is now well placed to support their clients and portfolio investments on the ground.

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    IBIS opens an asia office

    IBIS, a premier emerging market sustainability consultancy, is expanding its footprint with a new office opening in Singapore - which will become the company’s Asia Pacific headquarters. As one of the leading sustainability advisory firms in Africa with more than 35 full-time consultants, IBIS has a strong presence in key financial hubs in Sub-Saharan African – namely Johannesburg and Nairobi – and maintains offices in Cape Town and Durban.

    investing in our communities


    The IBIS team provided E&S Support to Alive and Kicking (A&K) at their Nairobi workshop and delivered a Sustainability Career speech to students of the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy (KGSA). A&K Soccer balls were donated to KGSA’s soccer team.

    Numerous opportunities for future support were identified. We are excited about continuing our relationship with A&K and KGSA.

    In response to COVID-19, IBIS East Africa donated to two organisations doing an amazing job supporting the most vulnerable:

    The Maasai & Slums Community Relief Fund

    The relief fund was set up by Frank-Astère Ndiyo-Butoyi of Amethis Partners and a group of friends in response to the loss of income and ability to provide for basic needs in affected communities. In their seven previous food drives, the Fund has reached more than 400 Maasais in five villages and 300 people in the slums of Nairobi. IBIS’ support facilitated a further donation with 50-80 food vouchers distributed.

    Shamas Rugby Foundation

    The Foundation is supporting face mask distribution, food drives, and schools engaging in ‘long-distance’ tuitions in Maths, English, Kiswahili, and Sciences. IBIS’ support facilitates teachers’ support to 100 children, with the goal that learners achieve their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education and Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education by year-end.

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    Miles for Masks

    The IBIS Team participated in the “Miles for Masks” virtual fun run on June 16, 2020 – Youth Day in South Africa. The event was organised by 54asOne, Miltons Matsemela Attorneys, Operation Smile, and The Cipla Foundation, to raise funding for COVID-19 personal protective equipment (PPE).

    Support from IBIS staff and other participants enabled the distribution of 30,000 masks to healthcare workers on the front lines fighting COVID-19.

    Through internal staff fundraising and company contributions, IBIS has recently made charitable donations to two organisations providing essential support to women and children impacted by COVID 19 in South Africa, as follows:

    JAM – Joint Aid Management

    JAM is an international humanitarian relief and development organisation with operations across Sub-Saharan Africa. IBIS donations will support six Early Childhood Development (ECD) school feeding centres in South Africa by providing ‘readiness kits’ (including thermometers, masks, sanitizer, etc), so that children can return safely to school.

    The 1000 Women Trust

    The Trust is a Cape Town-based Women’s Organisation that aims to raise awareness and mobilize resources to combat Gender-Based Violence, rape, and abuse. IBIS’ funding will provide Training to Women Leaders to enable them to provide Trauma Support to the Women and Children who are survivors of GBV during Covid-19.


    Restoring Mangroves in Kenya

    The IBIS East Africa team had the pleasure of working with Mida Creek Conservation Community in Watamu, Kenya, in February 2022, to participate in the replanting of mangove trees. It was a privelege to play our part in the restoration of this essential ecosystem that is sadly under threat.