There is a groundswell of interest in sustainable finance worldwide as a means to activate the financial sector in pursuit of national and international sustainable development priorities and objectives. With this mind, a growing number of regulators, industry bodies, and financial institutions (FIs) have adopted policies, regulations, and practices to reduce risks (including climate related risks) and encourage the allocation of capital to assets, projects, sectors, and businesses that have environmental, climate, and social benefits. IBIS is working with some of the leading emerging market FIs and corporates to navigate such changes and support their efforts in developing, monitoring, verifying and reporting on E&S outcomes linked to new and innovative products and frameworks being set up to take advantage of these emerging practices.

    Our services include:

    • Independent Review of Use of Proceeds, Eligibility Criteria, Process for Project Evaluation and Selection, and Reporting
    • Independent Review of Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”) and Sustainability Performance Targets (“SPT”)
    • Climate Bond Initiative (CBI) Certification
    • ICMA Green Bond, Social Bond and Sustainable Bond Assurance (second party opinion)